Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today would have been Jack and my 7th wedding anniversary.

We were married at Muir Beach Overlook just north of San Francisco. If you looked to the south, you could see The City, and if you looked to the east, you could see the back of Mount Tamalpais, which I grew up seeing from the other side through my grandparent's picture window in Kentfield. If you looked to the west, you saw the ocean. It was a perfect setting for us ~ outdoors, in view of places significant to me, and a place that was sacred to Poseidon, one of Jack's favorite Greek deities. We were married by one of my good friends, Mike Blair.

No, we didn't get married on the point! But it had a great view!

The fog had the good graces to burn off before time for the ceremony. It also seemed that different animals came out to witness this event as well as the people. While doing a test run in the shuttle van, a stag lept across the road in front of it. The gophers were coming up out of their holes in the ground. The fish were gathered, as we could see by the cluster of fishing boats in the ocean below. I was even told that a couple of butterflies flittered over our heads while we were saying our vows. Our union felt, and was, blessed by many. It still is even though Jack is in Summerland.

I hid in the bushes, waiting for my time to come out. I walked across a field of dry grass in my wedding gown. I've heard of how Jack sighed and had tears of joy in his eyes when he first saw me in my wedding gown. I was just plain happy to be marrying the man I loved so dearly.

We wrote our own vows. We were also handfasted in addition to being legally married. And we jumped over a broom into our new lives at the end of the ceremony. That broom hangs on the wall in our hallway to this day.

We then all drove to the reception which was held in Fairfax. It was a great party with plenty of wine, food, and song. Then the next day we went off on our honeymoon in Greece, the trip of a lifetime.

Today is bittersweet. It's the anniversary of one of the happiest days in my life. And I'm sad because Jack isn't here to share it. I will be certain to drink a toast to our union tonight.

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