Thursday, April 2, 2009


Back when Jack was a teenager, he wound up becoming a camp counsellor for 2 summers at a camp for developmentally delayed youth. He was known as Jimbo back then. It was an experience that he remembered for the rest of his life, and he would periodically talk to me of his experiences there. Today, I received an email from somebody who he worked at the camp. Here is the email he sent to me:

I just received an e-mail about ‘Jimbo’ aka Jack and just wanted to say I had a lot of fond memories of him while he was at Camping Unlimited…years ago I was a counselor there when he appeared, smiling, hairy, inquisitive and ready to help…he took to camp like a duck to water…camp was different & so was he…he loved the campers, made quick friends with the counselors and was always ready with a song and a laugh. Jimbo was there because it was fun, it was necessary and it was important…I know that somewhere he is in that special place, meeting old friends and greeting campers that have been waiting for him…
…I will look forward to re-kindling our friendship someday…
Gabriel Michael

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