Monday, March 30, 2009

Relentlessly Positive

Today I went to the bank to deal with financial stuff. The guy there who took care of me remembered Jack as soon as he saw the death certificate. And he was, of course, saddened and shocked at Jack's passing. At the end of our business there, he told me that the word Jack frequently used to describe how he was doing that day was "groovy." Or sometimes "groovitational." (That was one of his favorites I think.)

And that kind of sums up Jack's attitude on life. He was always "groovy." He always concentrated on the positive, not the negative. I don't know how he did it.

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  1. My memory of Jack began at the Ancient Ways festival.
    we were in the merchant area walking towards the meadow building, and Linda came out the back wondering over to the big tree for a workshop of some kind, Jack was just awestruck he couldn't take his eyes off her. and asked "Who is that Goddess! i grinned, as i have know Linda for many a year (winks over at Linda) Jack surprised me at being a bit hesitant to approach her, so awestruck he was. needless to say introductions were made and something wonderful blossomed.