Monday, June 1, 2009

Short Hair

Jack loved me with long hair. If I ever got it cut above my shoulders, he didn't like it much. He was of the opinion that women should have long hair. (Yeah, but it's a lot of work!) I've been wanting to get my hair cut shorter for awhile now. I finally did last week. What a change. It hasn't been this short in years.




  1. Wow! I'm probably going to be cutting my hair short in a couple of weeks too. What a dramatic change it makes! I find that a lot of times when I cut my hair it's because I've just been through a big life change. is that an aspect of this for you?

  2. You know, that was part of it. I got it cut 'wayyyy short before I started nursing school in the hopes of having fewer trips to the beauty salon. But I know that a huge life change was an aspect of it too.