Thursday, May 28, 2009

Canyon Man

One day after Jack and I were together, he was telling me that he needed a Hum-V. Not a Hummer, but a military Hum-V complete with machine gun nest. Being the practical girl that I am, my next question was: "Why?!" Just made no sense to me. His answer went something like this: Just imagine, it's the end of the world as we know it, there's destruction all around us. I pull up in the Hum-V in a cloud of dust, leap out and say, (said in a deep voice) "Take hold of my bumper and I will pull you to freedom, for I am Canyon Man" Whereupon you hear this cartoony multi-note "ahh-ah-ahh" My response to this was that he couldn't be Canyon Man without me. I needed my own persona. Whereupon I became Canyon Girl. What I said was, "Take my hand and I will tend to your wounds and serve you coffee, for I am Canyon Girl!" Enter the cartoony "la-la-la" When we had kids, they were the Canyon Kids. He even made up the words to a song called Canyon Baby which we used to sing to Sarah when he would fly her through the air when she was small. We were the Canyon Family.

Between the time that he came up with Canyon Man and when we had kids, he got his Jeep Wrangler. He loved that car, and it was the kind of car that I imagined he would drive when I first knew him. Well, of course he named the Jeep. It became Solund, Lone Stallion of the Appocolypse. (Solund is Cherokee for wind because of the wind you hear when riding down the freeway in it.) Solund became part of the Canyon Family. The sad part of that is that I'm planning on selling the Jeep, part of the Canyon Family legacy. It's the practical side of me, but it's also sad.

Jack as Canyon Man

Solund, Lone Stallion of the Appocolypse

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