Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hand of Midnight

Here's the poem that was read at both of Jack's memorial services. It was written in memory of Jack.

The Hand of Midnight

Welcome, Reveler, my Door is open,
Shed your cloak, shake off the dust of the desert roads,
For you have walked many miles to my banquet hall.

Raised in Greeting is the Hand of Midnight
Bearing vision to make all that is beautiful,
And the will to break that which would be re-made.
Open to you is the Hand of Midnight
For the giving and taking of Blessed Eternity.

A feast I set before you-
All things on my Table are beautiful and perfect:
This bread I have made, by hand, milled from the good grain;
This wine, pressed with love from the Vineyard of fifty years’ tending.
The Hero’s Portion, given of the gods of the Hunt and the charm–fletched arrow;
These Roses, cut in the name of She who pours out Beauty and Pleasure.

But it is You, honored Reveler,
Who is the greatest splendor of my Table,
Know yourself as you truly are:
A lamp of purest star-fire
Ablaze at the heart of a sensual body,
Bearing unique wisdom and the will to self-rule.
Feast and honor me with your presence,
And clasp the Hand of Midnight as True Companions.

O you great gods who gave me life, and take it as they shall,
I go forth each day to act as you:
In wisdom, power, cunning, and the brazen audacity
That penetrates all time with legend.
Take these feast-offerings from the Hand you have made,
Which ever seeks to restore your glory.

True Friend, I shall sing your praises long and loud
And give all I own to your advancement;
Daily beseeched are the Eternal Powers for your joy.
For unless a god bring pleasure
He is unworthy of mortal worship.

Enemy, I slay you with eloquence and humor
And that secret riddle which,
If you can discover its meaning,
Will turn the compass of your heart to me,
And restore your life.

Daughters, be brave in your step-
The world is yours to conquer,
And I smile at your every triumph.
Where mankind rises up in challenge,
Laughter will sustain you, Intuition guide you
And Genius deliver unto you all things.

Beloved: my Body, my Soul, and all these things
I lay before you in perfect sacrifice
As the highest offering of myself,
For as the divine emanation of feminine power
And Mirror my Desire
You are worthy of the Highest Art of Romance.

Feast then, you Bright Ones who would rise up,
And take this final offering-cup:
A vintage mixed of three powers,
Which, combined, shall raise your spirit to the highest height:
Love, Truth, and Beauty-
Three perfect gems in the same Sovereign Crown,
A Morality higher than Law,
The Wine of Life, impeccably brewed,
From the Vineyard of Midnight’s Hand.

-Dan Alvin

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