Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From the man who married us

I received this in this morning's email. Made me cry:

Jack Darkhand is one of the most vivid people it has ever been my great privilege to know. He was just Big; such an unmistakeable presence. Expansive, active, outgoing... I know no one else who is his match -- such a force!

I have a number of memories, but the one that is strongest, and has held the most meaning for me was standing beside him as Linda appeared at their wedding. The moment she came into view, Jack was so full of sighs and sounds -- the depth of his love consumed him. He left no doubt that Linda was the most beautiful, desirable, wonderful woman in his world. I was in awe of his love, and still am.

I'm, as Jack said, "That damned Wiccan Priest who won't take money" for marrying him and Linda. It was my pleasure, my great pleasure and privilege to do so. Seeing them, seeing Jack as bridegroom, performing the marriage, remains one of the very finest moments of my life.

When I think of love, of marriage and what it can truly be, I think of Jack. I always will. In this, Jack gave me the greatest of gifts, and I am forever grateful for his example of love and devotion.

As heartbroken as I am to learn of his passing, for all the tears that has brought me, I will stop, think, and be grateful for the honor and privilege of having met and known this wonderful man.

Until we all meet again, know and love one another again.



  1. yes indeed folks, that would be my brother. He was INTENSE and TOTALLY committed to whatever it was he was doing or into at a given moment.... and when he took Linda and marriage and then parenthood into his sights, well he went into it will all the reckless abandon ever. SO silly, wild, spiritual, goofy and brilliant, all rolled into one loving being.

    He's a man that recreated himself dozens of times in dozens of ways.... and some know him through one, many or all of those incarnations. I think of him in wonderment.


    (Jack's littlest biological sister)

  2. What a beautiful tribute, to an amazing being! My mother used to say "Life is delicious; take big bites!" and no one took bigger bites than Jack. He served as my most amazing role model and mentor; he was a friend from the first conversation we ever shared, back in 1994.

    We've both gone through many changes since then, but he just seemed to grow richer and more vivid, looming ever larger in my life...

  3. Tuesday March 24th at 7pm join me in a shared practice for Jack and his family. Lets all get together & generate some energy to help Jack on his journey!

    In the Tibetan tradition there is an initial 3 day period followed by a 49 day period of prayers whilst the departed navigates the Bardo before rebirth. My intention is to spend time each day being present to Jack and also for Linda, Gabby & Sarah. The family. More on the Bardo....http://www.spiritualtravel.org/OBE/afterdeath.html

    For those unfamiliar of metta, it is prayer, it is sending Loving kindness to Jack. It is good medicine.
    Saying in whatever way feels to be your truth
    may you be joyful
    may you be well
    may you peaceful
    may you be free...sending this prayer to Jack & his girls.

    49 days from Tuesday is Tuesday May 12th, on the coat tails of a waning full moon.(check my work but I think I'm correct)
    We are all over this sacred earth and the times are to.

    I chose 7am and 7pm in US (mtn time/Moab time).

    Many blessings and love,