Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jack Darkhand Day

Jack's last job was as a contracting business analyst at AT&T. He loved that job. He loved the people he was working with. He felt accepted and appreciated there. He would talk about wanting to continually earn their respect. He was amazed when the "smartest guy in the room" came to him for advice. It seems that they felt the same way about him.

So . . . last month, he told me that somebody had announced that Fri. March 13th had been declared Jack Darkhand Day at work. Everybody was going to wear black just like him. He was touched and moved almost to tears when he told me about this. He also loved that it was on Friday the 13th. How appropriate. I jokingly told him, "You know, you should wear something like your hawaiian shirt just to be different." (Yes, folks, Jack did own clothes that were not black.) He liked the idea, so that's what he did. Today, Aaron, his boss, sent me an email with this picture:

Just wanted to share more of his (and our) silly side.

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